Regulatory Process

The Environmental Assessment Act requires that a proponent receive the approval of the Minister of Environment before proceeding with a development.  Saskatchewan's Environmental Assessment (EA) process provides a practical, comprehensive and integrated approach to decision-making.  It is designed to systematically evaluate the ecological, socio-economic and cultural aspects as they relate to the environment of a development, so that the situation can be fully understood.  Public Engagement is an essential step in the EA process. 

The Saskatchewan EA process begins with the submission of a Technical Proposal (TP) to the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment (MOE).  The TP is intended to provide MOE with sufficient information to determine any regulatory requirements, including whether the project is considered a development pursuant to The Saskatchewan Environmental Assessment Act.

If a proposed project is considered a development by MOE, then an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is required prior to project approval.  An EIS is the report that documents any potential project effects and mitigation measures and is used by the regulators in the decision-making process.